Take two ximelegatran and call me in the morning

[Addendum, 2/14/05: as has been pointed out by commenters, ximelagatran was turned down for approval by an FDA panel in September, 2004, because of concerns about hepato-toxicity. Whether it will ever be marketed in the US is very much in doubt. The following post has been slightly edited with this in mind.] Coumadin is such […]

Women and non-smokers need not apply

The new USPSTF recommendations concerning screening for AAA appear in this week’s Annals of Internal Medicine, and are being quoted in the press. Bottom-line: screen men who have ever smoked, once between the ages of 65 and 75. Under 65: too low morbidity/mortality to make screening worthwhile Over 75: too high co-morbidities to make a […]